The Theory of Five Elements

Everywhere in nature there is dynamic interchange; the seed (Yin) grows into the plant (Yang) which eventually withers and dies back into the earth (Yin).

This takes place within the changes of seasons – Winter (Yin) transforms through Spring into Summer (Yang) which in turn transforms through Autumn into Winter (Yin) again. Until today, Traditional Chinese Medicine draws extensively on these metaphors which is articulated in 
The Theory of the Five Elements – Metal, Water, Wood, Fire, Earth.


Are you a David or Goliath?

When David and Goliath met on the battlefield, Goliath requested that David “come over” to him, so that Goliath might quickly dispose of David (v. 44). This request seems to indicate that Goliath wanted hand-to-hand combat. Up close and personal with David, Goliath would simply overcome his opponent by brute strength and defeat David soundly.